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[Xmca-l] Re: The Mathematics of Mathematics


the key point is to look at that in what people do that lets mathematicians
see that something mathematically is happening. The genetic origin of that
--- like *mathematical *reasoning first IS a social relation (not IN
relation, which is the social in a weak sense). I am developing some of the
ideas that Vygotsky sketched in the last chapter of thinking and speech
(including the Marx quotations, the marks of which have been removed from
all English translations, and paraphrases. I am situating this in a
Marxian-Spinozist perspective, not the dualist Spinoza that some say he
was, but the one who emphasized the plural singular or singular plural
nature of being. And thus the Vygotsky who writes in his personal notes
about "affect in concept," the Vygotsky who seeks to develop a A Spinozist
approach to Marxian psychology etc etc. I am copying the contents and the
cover below.


Preface vii
1 Vygotsky’s Marxist-Spinozist Re/Orientations 1
2 The Thinking Body 33
3 The Mathematics of Mathematics 55
4 Sociogenesis 77
5 Intra-Intersubjective Field 101
6 Pereživanie – Experience 131
7 Affect and Emotion 151
8 Obučenie – Teaching | Learning 179
9 Mathematics in the Drama of Life 197
10 Overcoming Dualism 217
Appendix 225
References 227
Index 233

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Wolff-Michael Roth, Lansdowne Professor
Applied Cognitive Science
MacLaurin Building A567
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC, V8P 5C2
http://web.uvic.ca/~mroth <http://education2.uvic.ca/faculty/mroth/>

New book: *The Mathematics of Mathematics

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 8:38 AM, Carol Macdonald <carolmacdon@gmail.com>

> Wolff-Michael Roth's new book has just come to my notice.
> Wolff-Michael, would you like to explain a bit to our whole community?  It
> looks very interesting indeed.
> Regards
> Carol
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> Carol A Macdonald Ph.D (Edin)
> Cultural Historical Activity Theory
> Honorary Research Fellow: Department of Linguistics, Unisa
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