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[Xmca-l] Re: FW: Vygotsky in Dialogue with Pepper!

Thanks for this paper and directing us to Anna Stetsenko’s commentary.

I want to highlight a metaphor Anna uses on page 286 of her commentary and then put this turn of phrase in context.

METAPHOR : On the cusp of what is established and what appears on the horizon as a *result* of charting the next steps. This seems a way into Anna’s project (verb and noun).

Context : Anna would argue that elaborations of the spirit of Vygotsky are confined by *canonical CHT* (Sawchuk and Stetsenko, 2008).
By this Anna means the import of CHT as can be deduced from its central postulates 
Without inferring the *direction* in which CHT’s dynamics were shaping up to move *next* - on the cusp of what is established and what appears on the horizon
As a result of
Charting the next steps.

Listen now to her following position.

THIS set of dynamics operates in the *spirit* of exploration *including self-negation* that never settles (always on the cusp), and instead propels forward and obtains meaning *precisely* in THIS movement beyond itself. 
Anna believes where the next step taken (taken in Latin is cept) is implicitly drawing on *values and commitments* (axio-logical dimensions)  - in particular, Vygotsky’s passionate egalitarianism and unwavering commitment to social equality – as constitutive moments that are inherent in and inalienable from the overall fabric of fabric of Vygotsky’s approach including its *worldview* and all aspects of his theory and methodo-logy of research.

I will pause here, leaving you with the image/metaphor of *riding the cusp* which i experience as a pregnant, gestating metaphor with Anna as a midwife.

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I haven’t read this (it just arrived), but hope it finds readers on this list. p

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Dear Prof. Smagorinsky,

Warm greetings from cold Jyväskylä!

I hope this finds you well.

I write to send you a copy of my paper on Vygotsky which is published very recently with ‘Human Development’. I hope it piques your interest to read it.

Please kindly note that Anna Stetsenko of the City University of New York  has written a commentary paper on this which is published in the same issue: https://www.karger.com/Journal/Issue/274647