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[Xmca-l] a Response to the place of the academy in tranformation: utopianmethodology.pdf

Here is a link to an article by Michael Cole and Katherine Brown published in Martin Packer and Mark Tappan’s edited book (Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development).
I would recommend also going to google books and reading the introductory chapter that *previews* the intent of the book.
The intent to read cultural psychologies through a variety of critical theories focused on human development and also reading critical theories through the interplay of cultural psychologies.

The book published in 2001 is still relevant in 2017. Both the introductory *preview* and the attached article offer a way to launch into current concerns, including a possible answer to Benjamin’s angel. 

The article opens with Aldorno’s *negative* dialectics* and offers a *positive* rejoinder to Aldorno. This article is presenting *alternatives* that are read through BOTH cultural psychologies and critical theories and their interplay.

The use of the term *positive critical theory* marks the attempt to :

‘supercede those forms of criticism that offer NO possibility for remedy or redress within the reach of people who don’t benefit from reading academic texts. (first paragraph of the attached article)

Seems to be a continuing relevant *starting point* in 2017


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