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[Xmca-l] Re: The most, the best educated and the most dangerous

Thanks for sharing, Andy. I've been interested in reading Gramsci since I came upon his name in Jean Lave's comments in a presentation and in here 2012 MCA paper addressing the ISCAR community. 

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Thank you Andy.

5 Mar 2017 15:19 tarihinde "Andy Blunden" <ablunden@mira.net> yazdı:

> Ulvi, I have attached (in HTML) Gramsci on "The Intellectuals." You may
> find this useful.
> Andy
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Andy Blunden
> http://home.mira.net/~andy
> http://www.brill.com/products/book/origins-collective-decision-making
> On 5/03/2017 6:41 AM, Ulvi İçil wrote:
>> Well, given that education is a class issue in capitalist society, any
>> society,
>> that the best most educated are placing themselves en masse on the side of
>> the dominant class
>> can we think that the most "educated" and also the "best" educated are
>> at the same time the most dangerous people for the humanity
>> because they are located at the most critical decision-making points
>> of a social order.
>> Well,  this can be a really trivial issue but since I could not meet it in
>> my country's intellectual life,communist and non communist, I needed to
>> ask
>> it for world experience.
>> It seems that the best educated seem to be en masse the most dangerous
>> ones
>> to initiate wars etc whereas the least educated formally but the best
>> self-educated via working class instititutions seem to be the most
>> emancipatory and in fact best educated people in the real sense of the
>> world (e.g. José Marti)
>> Erdogan is obviously not the most educated in my country, Turkey, nor was
>> Hitler nor Bush.
>> But Obama, Clinton, Hollande, Javier Solana (who destroyed Yugoslavia with
>> Nato bombing) Merkel were and all well educated...and quite dangerous.
>> I was really surprised to the self- gathered conscience of one of my
>> friends when he stated that Hillary Clinton was a very dangerous woman.
>> Thanks
>> Ulvi