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[Xmca-l] Tensions in Second Language learning

Dear all,

I am excited to introduce MCA's current issue article for discussion,

*"We Got Rid of Her Sentence for Revenge": Re-Viewing Second-Language Learner Strategies Considering Multiple Tensions in the ESL Classroom*?

 The article, explores relations between (English) language and power and inequality in the context of second language learning classrooms, examining episodes of tensions related to the learners' proficiency and ethnicity. To do so, Eun-Young, the author, draws from a quite wide range of socio-cultural research.The article is particularly relevant considering what is going on in Europe and North America with regard to ethnic discrimination (to say it softly). Although not directly addressing the latter larger questions, the study offers empirical and theoretical accounts of that same type of relations in which ??privilege and inequality are at stake.

Eun-Young has kindly accepted participating in the discussion and I believe will be joining soon. Meanwhile, the article is attached ?in this e-mail and soon open in the T&F pages. Enjoy the read, and everything else.


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