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[Xmca-l] Re: Karl Marx and the Language Sciences: critical encounters

Looks to be fascinating, Andy/ Thanks for passing along.


On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 1:28 AM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> *Call for Abstracts*
> *Special Issue on*
> *“Karl Marx and the Language Sciences: critical encounters”*
> To be published in /Language Sciences/,//May 2018
> We announce an initial Call for Abstracts for a 2018 Special Issue of
> Language Sciences on “Karl Marx and the Language Sciences: critical
> encounters.”
> Special Issue guest editor: Peter E Jones (Sheffield Hallam University).
> Karl Marx (1818-1883) is one of the most influential philosophers and
> political thinkers of the past two centuries. His political writings have
> decisively shaped the modern world, contributing to the development of
> working class organization and inspiring and informing socialist, communist
> and national liberation movements internationally. At the same time, Marx's
> revolutionary philosophical and scientific work has had an incalculable
> impact on intellectual culture and, for many, retains its relevance for the
> understanding and progressive transformation of social life.
> This Special Issue sets out to critically examine the inter-relations
> between Marx's thinking and contemporary research in language (including
> the philosophy of language) and communication. Individual papers may aim to
> survey broad currents or trends of thought in the language sciences from
> this perspective or to focus more narrowly on particular topics or the work
> of particular scholars. However, all papers should set out to demonstrate
> how such a critical engagement with Marx can be productive in contributing
> to /both /our understanding of Marx and Marxist theory /and /to research in
> the language sciences.
> Accordingly, we welcome papers which address the following topics:
> 1.the relevance of Marx to the language sciences today;
> 2.the historical influence of Marx's thinking on developments in the
> language sciences and allied disciplines (e.g., psychology);
> 3.Marx's own views on language and communication and the role of these
> views in the development of his thinking and on subsequent Marxist
> theorising;
> 4.the Influence on Marx's own thinking of contemporary perspectives on
> language and communication;
> 5.the relationship of Marx's work to one or more present day traditions
> and approaches in language and communication research (e.g., Critical
> Discourse Analysis, Dialogism, Ethnomethodology, etc.);
> 6.critical examination of the linguistic and communicational ideas of
> particular scholars or collectives who self-identify as Marxist or are
> commonly associated with Marxist tradition (e,g, Vygotsky, Voloshinov, the
> Bakhtin circle, Gramsci, etc.);
> 7.critical re-examination of Marx's key theoretical concepts from a
> present day language sciences perspective (e.g, /value, commodity
> fetishism/, /class struggle/, /alienation, /etc.).
> Word limit for abstracts: 150-200 words.
> PLEASE NOTE: At this initial stage we are inviting ABSTRACTS ONLY.
> Abstracts will be reviewed by Editor and Guest Editor.
> Selected contributors will then be invited to submit a full article for
> review.
> *Important dates:*
> Deadline for abstract submission: 1^st May 2017
> Decision on invitation for full article submission: 1^st June 2017
> Deadline for first draft of articles: 1^st December 2017
> Deadline for final version of articles: 15^th March 2018
> Publication date: 5 May 2018
> Article abstracts should be sent to Peter E Jones: P.E.Jones@shu.ac.uk