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[Xmca-l] Re: fact and fake

Totally relevant, Andy. As you say, it's so interesting to follow how issues of faith and truth will be unfolding and changing in all sectors of society. This has been going on for quite long time, I think, not only about Trump but more generally with regard to socioscientific issues such as climate change. But, perhaps fortunately, it seems this is turning into crisis (and hence change), with those same features becoming more exacerbated. It's scary and exciting at the same time.  
I've been (as many of you) following the multiple testimonies and analyses that are emerging in the media, intended and unintended, lots of working-over in the form of analysis. It's amazing how much material for analysis and how many actual analyses are being produced. Is as if as history was shaking, so too was consciousness shaking, producing more and more.

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The Washington Post has a series of interviews with people
attending Trump's rally where they were the first to learn
of the Swedish terrorist attack in Trump's imagination,
planted there by FOX News. The faith of these Trump
loyalists seems unshakeable, though the resignation of Flynn
was causing a little difficulty, but I wouldn't put it more
strongly. It was still the fault of the "mainstream media".

Is there no point beyond which Trump can step where fact and
fake can be distinguished from trust and favour? In the
discussion we had around his Inauguration Day speech I
suggested it would be people getting ill and discovering
that they had lost the coverage they had under ObamaCare.

I would be interested in hearing early anecdotes of people
who are Trumpistas up till now but who change their mind and
what it is which does the trick. It seems almost like we
have to discover a hole in political space-time to escape
this black hole!


Andy Blunden