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[Xmca-l] Re: Anna's new book on Vygotsky

Thanks Alfredo and Peter,
The books title (the transformative mind) contrasting with the (adaptive mind) 

Then the word *extending* Vygotsky which she elaborates in the next 10 pages inviting us into her personal question to include mind and subjectivity as key to her extention, with no expectation of a permanent arrival.

More in the image of creating a *stage* for presenting her transformative model.

This image of stage linked into playworlds and worldviews.

Hope it comes to paperback or email in the future.

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From: Alfredo Jornet Gil
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Subject: [Xmca-l] Re: Anna's new book on Vygotsky

Thanks for sharing, Peter. 

I had problems following the links Anna provided, and so I asked her for the links again. Here they are:

Her Academia.edu pages:


The Cambridge Press book pages: 


I hope these links work.

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Subject: [Xmca-l]  FW: my new book on Vygotsky

Of possible interest:

From: Stetsenko, Anna [mailto:AStetsenko@gc.cuny.edu]

Hi Peter, attached is my chapter's final version which will soon appear in RRE. Since you reviewed it, I want to share the final "fruits."​

And - I also want to share about my new book where I expand Vygotsky's approach including through drawing more links to critical pedagogy, among other shifts in perspective- the flyer with book description and a discount is attached. Please share with others who might be interested. I would love to hear about your new works.

 Also, the first chapter is available at my site at http://www.academia.edu<http://www.academia.edu/> or at Cambridge University Press:


best regards,