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[Xmca-l] Re: Perizivanie


thanks for sharing. 
This is the link to the video: 


Now, watching this is devastating. 

On talking on aesthetic experience, Dewey speaks of taking in and giving out, of a balance between doing and undergoing. As I watch this video (I could not watch the whole, just watch few minutes), I get paralysed, because there is an absolute excess of undergoing that my doing can do little about, at least for now. I need to step back, or I would freeze there. Indeed, I cannot watch the whole right now. Not sure how to put this with regard to perezhivanie.  I can only see those angels I saw crying, terrified, and feel so much pain not to be there helping them feel calmer, safer. I guess for here to be something of a perezhivanie, there must be some work over, and I really haven't got a handle on that work yet. Beth and others spoke of a pivot... I am not sure what this is, but it really hurts for now. 


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My apologies. I thought I had linked to a video on today’s NY Times by Daphne Matziaraki entitled “4.1 Miles”. An amazing, horrifying 20 minutes of the efforts of Greek coast guard to rescue refugees from the 4.1 miles of water between Turkey and Lesbos. I hope this link will take you to the video:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4.1_Miles <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4.1_Miles>. For me, viewing the video was emotional in a way I would understand as perizhivanie. Especially in the context of Trump’s executive order to build that wall. Thank you for asking! Thank you for listening!

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> Henry, did you want to link the front page of the washington post or one article (perhaps the main article) in particular?
> Alfredo
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> https://www.nytimes.com/?action=click&contentCollection=Well&region=TopBar&module=HomePage-Button&pgtype=article <https://www.nytimes.com/?action=click&contentCollection=Well&region=TopBar&module=HomePage-Button&pgtype=article>