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[Xmca-l] Re: Trump's speech and Perezhivanie

Greetings all,

I agree it would be a timely and powerful collaboration to explore the
significance of the times and the meaning for different people at this
particular moment in history.  While looking at Trump¹s speech provides a
common anchor point for discussion, I think it would also be worth looking
at the different ways individuals, groups (including huge groups of
people) are experiencing, living through and making meaning of the what is
going on.  This is being expressed in many creative ways and Œart forms¹,
including the marshalling of millions of people in protest marches across
the globe and the various forms of human expression (including actual
est-signs-womens-march-washington/96877890/).  It seems there are some
powerful collaborative versions of perezhivanie going on as well as deeply
individual and perhaps it is worth documenting, analysing and exploring
these as well. 

Kind regards and all power to those who are standing together to speak out
for equity and justice across the world this weekend!


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>Dear Helena, Andy, all,
>Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the time to watch the movie
>Fate of a Man, but I have followed the very interesting analyses and
>conversations about it. I am opening this thread as connexions between
>those analyses, perezhivanie, and current tragic social and political
>situation in the US and elsewhere. This also connects with the article
>that Mike shared on the position of the Learning Sciences with regard to
>this situation (how happy I was to see this initiative!).
>In particular, I wanted to pick up on Helena's very true comment that
>"the US is going to have to produce some works of scholarship or art, or
>both, that attempt to explain what is happening now here in the US -- for
>example, this afternoon, under President Trump."
>Yesterday, we saw at home Trump's speech. Although we had followed
>Trump's campaign and its denigrating tenor, it was yesterday, for the
>first time, that my wife and me got this gut feeling of true tragedy, of
>a real *drama* as we heard those empty, but to recover the prior article
>for discussion, hollowed and hollowing words coming out of that mouth. It
>came upon us that there may be lots of people for whom those words are
>not hollowed, but actually encouraging, rich, beautiful. How can you hear
>that as beauty?
>So, I was wondering, and in following up with our 2016 MCA Issue 4
>discussion,  whether we could not actually conduct an analysis of the
>sort Marc offers in his article of the perezhivanie. Just as Vygotsky
>explains how 3 different children experience the situation of an
>alcoholic mother differently, could not we perform an analysis ?of that
>perezhivanie in which a person experiences yesterday's situation as one
>of encouragement, of freedom and hope. Would that not be a way to try to
>understand what is going on? This would not be a piece of art, but could
>be something we could do to try to understand and change this situation.
>We could then contrast that perezhivanie with the one many of as have, in
>which the situation is experience as a real TRAGEDY. I think in the first
>case, there is no hope for change, there is contempt; in the second,
>hearing those words as hollowed and hollowing require that you live the
>situation as a doubled situation in which you experienced it from a very
>different developmental stage. One in which the speech sounds as a case
>of involution.
>Should we find the transcribed speech and perform such analysis?
>Going now to support the Woman's march here in Victoria BC.