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[Xmca-l] Re: Fw: author articles MCA Issue 4 Perezhivanie

Hi All,
If you have Turner Classic Movies in your cable, Roku, Amazon Stick or Dish
TV configuration
you might want to look at  *You Got to Move - Stories of Change in the
South (*1985)
​. It is the story of Highlander
Folk School and related activist movements from the 1930's to 1985
 and will available on demand until Tuesday,
Jan 24, 201

*Robert Lake*


On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 3:09 PM, <lpscholar2@gmail.com> wrote:

> I was unsure where to post my reflection of Beth and Monica’s paper.
> I decided that this thread held all this month’s article’s as a place for
> rehearsals.
> Beth and Monica, in their section on PERFORMANCE reference Schechner and
> the workshop-rehearsal process in three stages.
> The first stage breaks down a performer’s resistance, making him a kind of
> tabula rasa. To do this requires the need for separation, for (sacred) or
> special space, and for a use of time different than that prevailing in the
> ordinary.
> My question is if this sacred or special place can be developed as a
> disposition such that a person comes to experience the ordinary as
> (extraordinary) in the way Cavell uses the term the extraordinary IN the
> ordinary.
> What Schechner describes as the 1st stage as the need for separation
> within a sacred or special place becomes a practice of living vitality
> immanent and prevailing IN the ordinary?
> A way of life
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> To: Alfredo Jornet Gil; eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
> Subject: RE: [Xmca-l] Fw: author articles MCA Issue 4 Perezhivanie
> Alfredo,  Thanks for sending the 87 pages that are exploring the
> multifaceted threads exploring perezhivanie. I believe we must also be
> closing in on another 87 pages generated in our discussions.  I have now
> printed out the 87 pages of the journal  and also many pages of the XMCA
> threads.
> THIS rich resource opens up multiple doors to enter into. I assume these
> are first steps and each separate article feels like a doorway into this
> common theme moving through multiple traditions.
> Yes, a symposium and also a symphony of questions & listening being played.
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> From: Alfredo Jornet Gil
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> To: eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
> Subject: [Xmca-l] Fw: author articles MCA Issue 4 Perezhivanie
> ?I meant to send this e-mail last week, but it seems it did not go
> through, I am trying again
> Alfredo
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> From: Alfredo Jornet Gil
> Sent: 13 January 2017 18:09
> To: eXtended Mind, Culture, Activity
> Subject: author articles MCA Issue 4 Perezhivanie
> Hi all,
> as a complement to our ongoing perezhivanie discussion, and since the
> discussion has nicely taken the symposium form that also is present in the
> special issue, all the authors have now agreed that we share their author
> versions. These are the versions accepted for publication before the
> proofs. That means that the ?articles attached may differ slightly from the
> ones published, but they should be accurate enough to grant access to
> everyone who, like Larry and others, do not have institutional access to
> the T&F pages.
> Alfredo

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