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[Xmca-l] Two IRECE Special Issues: Play and Perezhivanie

Right in line with our very recent discussion concerning examples of play with regard to Perezhivanie, there are two new Special Issues published by the (open access) International Research in Early Childhood Education? journal.

The link to the special issue on Play is this:


The link to the special issue on Perezhivanie is this:


The Perezhivanie issue is an outcome of the Australia-Brazil ISCAR symposium. I also paste here some comments from Nikolai V. (editor-in-chief) about the special issue on play:

The issue was designed around new translation of famous Vygotsky's paper on play, published in Russian exactly 50 years ago in 1966. This new translation was done by Nikolai Veresov (Australia) and Myra Barrs (The UK). By doing this the journal contributes to the celebration of 120th anniversary of Vygotsky.

Candy for many xmca'ers, I believe.?