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[Xmca-l] Alex Kozulin & the MYSTERY of Perezhivanie

I decided to open another thread to focus on the way Alex ‘concludes’ this month’s special issue by opening multiple doors in only 6 paragraphs that are thought provoking.

I will focus here on paragraph 5 where Alex says we will have to reconcile ‘perezhivanie’ as a dynamic UNIT of consciousness with Vasliyuk’s interpretation of ‘perezhivanie’. Vasilyuk suggests that all life-relationships that ‘are NOT realized’ in the current goal-oriented activity ‘appear in my life’ in a form of perzhivanie.

In other words, perezhivanie is NOT related to my experience, feelings, or understanding as they are involved ‘in current’ leading activity, but on the contrary (what is LEFT beyond THIS activity). 

Kozulin says if we take Vasilyuk’s interpretation as a ‘new starting point’ we may re-formulate the problem in the following way :

To what extent ‘perezhivanie’ as a dynamic unit of consciousness helps us to elucidate TRANSition from one type of leading activity to the next one.

This way of re-formulating the topic accents the gap or pause or interval or ma moment that ‘occurs within’ events* or episodes* as concrete actual occurrences or happenings.
It may also be a region or field that must first be ‘lived through’ or ‘worked through’ PRIOR to being interPREted. This insight from Alfredo and Roth reading through Dewey’s notion of having ‘an’ experience/perezhivanie.

This topic is rich in nuances ;- )

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