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[Xmca-l] perezhivanie

Marc, throughout the Special Issue we spelt /perezhivanie/ the same say and put it in italics, indicating a Russian word transliterated into English, and systematically had authors delete "experiencing" and "lived experience" from their articles and even quotations, as part of an effort to create a common meaning for the word. Summing up your position, in the Response, you said:

       In my reading (and I apologize in advance for any
       misinterpretations), the different papers in this
       special issue have basically noted four different
       phenomena that are sometimes referred to as
       /perezhivanie/. They might be considered four
       different meanings of the word. To distinguish
       between these meanings of /perezhivanie/, I will
       give them four different tentative names:
       experiencing-as-struggle; fantasy-based
       experiencing-as-struggle; and m-/perezhivanie/.

What is your recommendation for future writers? Should they choose one of these four terms? Or use /perezhivanie/ and qualify, or rely on context to specify meaning?

Andy Blunden