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[Xmca-l] Fwd: [ACYIG_Lifecourse] Double-edged agency: ambivalences, fluctuations and sub-currents across life-course trajectories

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From: Jason Danely <jdanely@brookes.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 6:15 AM
Subject: [ACYIG_Lifecourse] Double-edged agency: ambivalences, fluctuations
and sub-currents across life-course trajectories
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Deadline for submission: 19 December 2017.


*Double-edged agency: ambivalences, fluctuations and sub-currents across
life-course trajectories*

Short Abstract

Distributions of agency are commonly enabled, mediated and restricted with
reference to phases, moments and events within trajectories through the
life-course. This panel explores how these become framed in ways that
enable, mediate or constrain agency, according to multiple influences.
Long Abstract

Anthropological theorizing has productively challenged received notions of
agency, exploring the complexities of how it is distributed across the
human and non-human (Latour), the present and the absent (Bille et al.
2010), resistance to and articulation with norms (Mahmood 2005). This panel
focuses on how such distributions of agency are enabled, mediated and
restricted with reference to trajectories through the life-course, through
such phases as older age, adulthood, childhood or infancy, or moments and
events such as illness, loss, parenthood, or retirement. Individuals' and
groups' capacity to exercise agency fluctuates at these times in response
to multiple influences (biographical, situational, ethical, material and
institutional), attested to by the language of movement used in modern
Western societies to describe such processes: 'moving on', 'leaving
behind', 'progressing', 'backsliding', 'journey', 'emerging', 'getting

Papers might explore, but are not limited to, the following questions:

· How do social framings characterize agency and self-determination in such
moments, events and phases as protective or dangerous, constraining or
facilitating, valid or misleading?

· How do individuals and collectivities selectively embrace or contest such
framings in specific settings?

· How might the life-course provide a metaphorical and symbolic language
that speaks to questions of agency in other contexts (e.g. the
infantilizing of particular social groups)?

Relevant papers may speak to a range of fieldwork settings, including
health, welfare, political participation, education and international
development; we would also encourage papers that approach the topic from
relevant theoretical perspectives on the contemporary politics of agency
and movement.

* David Orr (University of Sussex) d.orr@sussex.ac.uk
* Sevasti-Melissa Nolas (University of Sussex) s.nolas@sussex.ac.uk

Deadline for submissions 19th December 2016

Dr Sevasti-Melissa Nolas <http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/20805>
Senior Lecturer/Principal Investigator, ERC-funded
<http://connectorsstudy.wordpress.com/>Connectors Study

Department of Social Work <http://www.sussex.ac.uk/socialwork> & Centre for
Innovation and Research in Childhood & Youth (CIRCY)
<http://www.sussex.ac.uk/esw/circy/index>, University of Sussex

Email: S.Nolas@sussex.ac.uk  | Tel: 01273 678569 / 07989 330704 | Twitter:
@smnolas <https://twitter.com/smnolas> | Skype: sevasti-melissa_nolas

Latest papers:

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2016) ‘(Im)possible
conversations? Activism, childhood and everyday life
<http://jspp.psychopen.eu/article/view/536/pdf>’, *Journal of Social and
Political Psychology*, 4(1), pp. 252-265. (Open Access).

Sanders-McDonagh, E., Neville, L. & Nolas, S-M. (2016) ‘from pillar to
post: understanding the victimization of women and children who experience
domestic violence in an age of austerity
*Feminist Review, *112, pp. 60-76. Full evaluation report here

Jason Danely

*Senior Lecturer in Anthropology of JapanOxford Brookes UniversityOX3 0BP,
Twitter @JasonDanely

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(AAGE) <http://anthropologyandgerontology.com>
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Co-Facilitator of the Life Course Collaborative Research Network

*Aging and Loss: Mourning and Maturity in Contemporary Japan*
<http://rutgerspress.rutgers.edu/product/Aging-and-Loss,5296.aspx>, Jason
Danely, 2014 Rutgers University Press

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