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[Xmca-l] Re: MCA Issue 3 article for discussion Re-started

David, you posted the following:

On 11/13/16, 2:12 PM, "David Kellogg" <dkellogg60@gmail.com> wrote:

>Both of these are on p. 193. But they seem quite different to me. The 
>looks like it was taken from an interview, or rather from three different
>interviews, because actually Student 2 and 3 don't seem to be answering 
>same question, and even Student 1 doesn't really talk about what it LOOKS
>like to be a good student. But the second looks like an interpretation: 
>something students actually said but something that the researchers 
>that they were thinking. Is that a fair reading?

The students in the first set of quotes were responding to the same 
interview question, although we reproduced only the portions of their 
responses that seemed to bear most directly on the question.  The second 
set (in quotes) are the students’ own words excerpted from longer 
responses and our interpretation of them.  


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