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[Xmca-l] Re: The Local State of Mind


One bit of context I omitted from the prior note on the sense of crisis
locally. Living close as we do with the border, and working with many
colleagues and community members, I am hearing from people whose
grandchildren are waking up at night in fear of losing the parents and
other family members.

Nightmares. Real nightmares.

On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 11:45 AM, mike cole <mcole@ucsd.edu> wrote:

> ​Even as I seek to narrow the focus of my thinking to areas of
> professional concern, such as that
> concerning Vygotsky/meaning/communication etc., the mental work it
> requires to screen out the impact of the election is exhausting.
> One long time xmca participant sent a note saying he needed time to come
> to grips with what
> has happened and how to live in a community for whom the outcome of this
> election is seen as a life saving, noble, affair. Many colleagues,
> particularly women who have been struggling since the
> 1960's and 70's for equal rights, report difficulty breathing.
> That our local crisis is not just about us seems important to keep in
> mind.  But the country's self revelation last night was a real shock.
> To give you some idea of how this is seen here at UCSD I paste below a
> letter to faculty from a concerned, experienced, departmental administrator
> to convey some sense of trauma that many in this community  experiencing.
> It reflects what i am hearing from many communities to which I am somehow
> connected, and I expect you are too. In 50 years of teaching at a
> university I have never seen such a document related to an election.  9/11
> and recent mass shootings are other events that have evoked this kind of
> trauma.
> Coming to terms.... and looking forward to the discussion of the
> consequences of neoliberal STEM education.
> mike
> --------------------
> Dept Letter about "resources for after the election":
> I wanted to remind our community of general resources available for
> self-care, coping skills and connection.
> First, our department has organized a workshop with the *Faculty Staff &
> Assistance Program (FSAP) *to be held *Monday, November 14th from 3:00 -
> 4:00 in Mandler 1539*.  This is available to all members of our community
> to help process emotions and provide general support and resilience
> strategies for dealing with stressful life events.
> FSAP is also available for appointments (for faculty, staff, post-docs,
> labstaff and their family members).  You can arrange an appointment here:
> http://blink.ucsd.edu/HR/services/support/counseling/appointment.html
> For undergraduate and graduate students, *Counseling and Psychological
> Services* is available to assist you.  Please call if you wish to make an
> appointment: (858) 534-3755.  More information available here:
> http://caps.ucsd.edu
> As a reminder, CAPS offers drop-in workshops for all students daily.
> Today’s is “Mindfulness for Daily Living” and occurs at Student Health
> Services from 3-4:30.  More information here:
> http://caps.ucsd.edu/groups.html
> Additionally, I believe all of the Campus Community Centers (Black
> Resource Center, Cross-Cultural Center, the LGBT Resource Center, the Raza
> Resource Centro, the Women’s Center) are having some open hours this week.
> This site provides details for each:  http://community.ucsd.edu
> Finally, a word for *instructors* of classes.  The person-to-person (not
> office-to-person) recommendation from CAPS is to have compassion with
> students who are feeling distressed in the wake of the election.  You may
> wish to be compassionate with respect to rescheduling or postponing
> scheduled exams; keep in mind that if you postpone an exam for one student,
> you must be willing to do the same for all other students under similar
> circumstances.  Please feel free to use me as a resource when considering
> whether or how to adjust your class.  For students in distress, refer them
> as needed to the resources above, and also recall the Triton Concern Line,
> (858) 246-1111 (more information here:  http://blink.ucsd.edu/instruc
> tors/advising/concern/index.html#Communicating-sensitive-informa)
> Thank you all for being a community that can work together despite
> differences of opinion and thank you for being supportive of those who need
> support now and in the coming weeks.
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