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[Xmca-l] Back to the future? (on race too)

This past weekend, John Oliver had a nice (but terrible) piece on school

It includes a nice brief cut to Malcolm X, whose words are perhaps truer
today than they were when he said them, as well as a brief clip of a
horrifying town hall meeting (at 11:16) where a bunch of white parents are
voicing their concerns about having poor black kids bused to their school.
The white parents' words seem like they are right out of the anti-busing
rhetoric of the 1970's no?

And here is a more in-depth and very nice radio segment about that town
hall meeting that includes the perspective of a black high school student
who was at that town hall meeting. She went there to tell them that she is
a good student and that these parents have nothing to fear. But after what
she heard, she broke down and couldn't bring herself to speak at the mic.
Here is the link to the episode of This American Life:

I'd like to find a way to see my way to the fine-ness of humanity. But
these days it is very difficult.


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