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[Xmca-l] Re: Why Doesn't Vygotsky Use "Microgenesis"?

So when we enter Zaza’s article (exploring prototyping and design methodology) we are entering semantic meaning as a way to rethink perception. 
Semantic meaning is linked to perceptual meaning but these types of meanings are distinct. 
Is this distinction you propose explicit in how Zaza is rethinking perception or are you extending or making explicit what you perceive as two different forms of meaning. 
Your post is intriguing and calls me into wanting to understand more clearly this distinction between semantic meaning (logo genesis) and perceptual meaning.

My reason for my saying that I  paused when reading the first 2 paragraphs of the article as I felt myself being called into a new *space of reasons* that was unfamiliar and I was trying to get my bearings on rethinking perception.
Your response turns us towards *meaning* and semantic ways of knowing and logo genesis. 
Leaves me a bit disoriented but fascinated to learn more.

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From: David Kellogg