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[Xmca-l] Re: From newyorker.com: He’s Back

A good read Larry, mostly good on Marx, but I don't accept his theory of "history of accident" - Lenin, for example, was not the only Marxist in Russia, and an interest in Marx recovered after the fall of the soviet union by clearing away the legacy of official Marxism - and he skims over Piketty's total failure to understand Marx - Piketty can simply use data to make the points Marx made with philosophy 150 years before these things came to pass, so Piketty doesn't need to understand Marx: he just has to know how to use a slide rule. Some of the ideas ascribed to Marx are not correct, but who cares, it's still a good read and worth thinking about.

I liked his book on the American Pragmatists, too.


Andy Blunden
On 8/10/2016 1:31 PM, lpscholar2@gmail.com wrote:
This is an article by Louis Menard that is a fascinating read.

I hope the link comes through

He’s Back
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