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[Xmca-l] Re: The Big Uneasy - The New Yorker

Yes, as I read the article I felt the back and forth bi-directional shifting and flow and liquidity of the theme of (Identity) in forms of (recognition) as movements of instituting and instituted meanings in which we dwell. A concrete example of how forms of identity are rapidly changing with a sense of no particular direction home. In times such as we are living through should we be focusing on creating places of refuge to hold and contain a sense of identity through a sense of belonging (places with permeable boundaries) or should we accept the tension that is now playing out across academia as the back and forth movement of regression to the already formed and the anticipation of that flow to come that is overflowing the familiar boundaries? The sense I have is that we need to create places of refuge as liquid modernity is overwhelming our previously instituted meanings.

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