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[Xmca-l] Re: Videos on perezhivanie from Nikolai Veresov

Dear Wagner, 

would not using two different names, one of which is your own designation rather than the result of consensus, be even more confusing? Indeed, "developmental emotional experiences" may be a particularly problematic term since, if you follow Vygotsky, perezhivanie is a unit of development, and always involves not only emotional but also intellectual aspects. Why not "developmental emotional and intellectual experiences" then? But that would be problematic as well, because it would be like supposing that there is anything worth the name experience that would not already involve both the intellect and the affects (vegetative experience? unconscious experience?), or would not change you in the least of the ways. Of course, all three terms, developmental, emotional, and experience, may be useful for discussing perezhivanie; but I doubt it is a good idea to use a composite of them to substitute it, specially when perezhivanie was conceived as a unit that denotes unity, and not a composite of different elements/aspects. 

So, why not stick to one word, and then elaborate on its different aspects or dimensions in a way that anyone could understand it, even those with no CHAT background? I think that, irrespective of the committee's background, your thesis should be intelligible for any scholar in the social/cognitive sciences. I believe that it is in that exercise that you might actually to develop a more sophisticated grasp of the notion. If you rely on what the committee already knows about CHAT, you are more likely to leave some assumptions under-stated, and then perhaps, non-articulated to them or to yourself. By having to make your argument visible to any one, you will have to deal with the assumptions that you are working with, and will not hide anything to the committee or to yourself. 

Those my two cents; others?
Also, there is a special issue on perezhivanie coming up soon at MCA that should be quite helpful for dealing with these issues. 
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Dear XMCA Colleagues,

I am writing my PhD thesis now about perezhivanie in analog role-playing
games. Based on the speeches of Professor Veresov, and in order to make
things less confusing for the thesis committee here in Japan (they do not
know much about CHAT), I am thinking in using "developmental emotional
experiences" for perezhivanie as phenomena and perezhivanie for
perezhivanie as a concept. What are your opinions on this?

All the best for you.

Wagner Luiz Schmit
University of Tsukuba

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 9:56 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> Here are links to Nickolai Veresov's keynote speech on Perezhivanie on
> Symposium at ISCAR in Sydney.
> Perezhivanie in Cultural-Historical Theory: The Concept and is content.
>    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJMpYarIRzs
> or at
>    https://vimeo.com/164861983
> Andy
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