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[Xmca-l] Re: Solids and Liquids/Entities and dynamic flows

Hi Larry,

The irony is not lost upon me, however, the metaphor becomes the cup! (even though you have used the cup as a metaphor!)

Subsequently, the metaphor is used in such a manner as it can be afforded. And then creatively and innovatively employed, which is then either discarded or set free (your spilling, or perhaps pouring into a different metaphor?). I say "set free" like the pole vaulter will let go the pole, once the act has been achieved.

After which, then it resolves once again into the ecology...to develop again either into itself or something else.

It helps to consider a pattern that forms and resolves. Patterns don't have containers, as such, but we contain them with words when we say that they look like something. For example the constellations of stars do not "flow" in the sky, but we assign a container of a metaphor upon them so that they are easier to "see."

Nothing changes about the placement of the stars in relation to themselves (despite their moving in an arc across the sky), but we can see the pattern of the big dipper at the same time we see the stars that are "contained" by the cup-like metaphor! :)

Kind regards in a ladle,