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[Xmca-l] Re: Solids and Liquids/Entities and dynamic flows


Is it possible to send on this article, Mike? I did not notice a reference.

As you might know, I am particularly intrigued with the notion of patterns, so I would be an eager reader if this article.

It appears that the described "entity conception of culture" is one awash with categories, while developmental conception of culture (and isn't that why the word "culture" is used?) is category-defying. This distinction might be called antiquated vs. ecological.

So for my list for your liquid perspective, I'd offer:









And I'd suggest the the list appears in that order in time and space, only to begin once again, perhaps like a fractal. This might be watching a pattern evolve from nothing into "something" which is then named, cognized, and remembered, at which point it is employed until such time it is set free into the ether to begin again as itself or to develop into yet a new and different pattern.

I like the image of the magic trick as a nice metaphorical rendering for this flow. Magic tricks (when they work), have a very liquid dynamic. I say this because we know the illusion is there and not there at the same time; we have no conflict over the tension of vision and reality, in fact it is something pleasing to us, it delights us.

Kind regards,