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[Xmca-l] Re: Political constructions of self vspoliticalconstructionsof identity

Annalisa, I am entering into Rein’s 14 page encounter with Dogen and trying to grasp with their shared words the felt sense of  *ity* indicating a way that radically shifts notions of *essence*.

Today, with Rein as author,  I am dwelling with the meaning of *arising* within *ity* which questions the *tree* metaphor of superstructure and substructure through categories, classes, and hierarchy.
To stay on topic, Zygmunt’s indicating modernity is shape shifting from solid/ITY to liquid/ITY is the conversation that Rein and Zygmunt are addressing.
Not clear where I am being *carried* but I do not feel I am a bystander. Something is occurring (arising) that generates a way through [within] the pathless path.

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From: Annalisa Aguilar