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[Xmca-l] Re: Political constructions of selfvspoliticalconstructionsof identity

I have been reading Rein Raud’s paper on Dogan’s philosophy of *bussho* - Buddha-nature.
This translation of the second term *sho* as either *nature* or *essence* is where we become confused.
Rein says the closest equivalent to *sho* is not (essence) or (nature) but *ity* an idio/syncratic quality that a thing *has* that makes the thing what the thing is at any *given* moment.

Rein indicates that the terms *essence* and *nature* obstruct the *truth* of existence by evoking the *matrix of* - types and tokens-. (essential properties and contingent forms).

Rein also explores the relation of *structure* and *essence*. Rein says:
“if we are to view the totality of existence as having a *structure* then in that *perspective* (mode?) *essence* would come to have a privileged level within this structural construction.

I share this to present my way of navigating this topic and exploring the notion of *liquid/ity* that is in play within  the dialogue developing in this chat room.

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From: Christopher Schuck