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[Xmca-l] Re: Liquid Modernity

Perezhivanie seems to place *meaning* (meaningfulness) as a central focus of attention.  Shifting  or adding *potential* (meaning potential) shifts focus to *becoming* (possibility, not yet, can be).

Here is Zygmunt on this topic:
“Human life is therefore an incessant effort to fill the appalling void, to *render life meangingful; ... That incessant effort we call *culture*. 

Coupled with Zygmunt’s indicating liquid modernity generates *loss of sensitivity* this may be a way into the topic of perezhivanie.
The couplet (meaningful potential & loss of sensitivity) with  permeable boundary markings (liminal third place) seems to be an aspect of the turn to perezhivanie and *situation of development*

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