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[Xmca-l] Liquid Modernity


​Your invocation of *Liquid Modernity* enticed me into reaching for a copy
of the book which I have long meant to read​. Its a very sobering
experience, even after only a couple of hours of reading. I assume it is
the Forward,  not the first chapter you are recommending to the group (hard
to believe we could collectively read and discuss the whole book).

The Forward is begun by a question from Paul Valery--

"So the whole question come down to this: can the human mind master what
the human mind has made."

The answer appears to be, except in transient and microscopic ways, NO.

I skipped to the last chapter on Community. Like the Forward, and I assume
all of the book, very disquieting. Its almost as if in 1999, when cell
phones were not-yet-smart cellular phones, Bauman saw ISIS and Trump

Thanks for getting me to reach for the book. Now what?



It is the dilemma of psychology to deal as a natural science with an object
that creates history. Ernst Boesch