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[Xmca-l] Re: Perezhivanie in the U.S.A! Or, when feelings contradictfacts

Relating to the *tone* or *resonance* of what I was watching and hearing at each convention,  is it fair to say both conventions *assembled* different *modes* of discourse, different *modes* of thought?
I introduce this notion of *modes* as an entry into Greg’s question of what *moves* collectives of people who *identify* in the aggregate.
This does not requiring reaching systematic consensus but may be reaching a particular *mode of assemblage*.  
One particular mode of (becoming) through *identity* may be expressed in the notion of the *authoritarian personality* as an assemblage of certain *qualities*.
The need for qualities that seem juxtaposed to the *assemblage* of qualities expressing an alternative *mode of becoming*.
Assemblage is NOT  system or systematic but is a different level/layer.
My question is circling around this notion of *modes* of identity which catalyze particular qualities, characteristics, personality styles that *create* particular *moods, tones, resonance, in the aggregate but not in a systematic structure.
Of course the *mode* of yearning for a particular *model that is systematized* is one particular type of personality.
The authoritarian personality *type* was explored in response to the 1930’s and 1940’s.
Today Trump may be appealing to a particular *assemblage* (mode?) with particular identifiable qualities assembling under the umbrella notion *law and order*.
Bernie Saunders is assembling a *movement* under qualities of fairness and equity for all.

I will leave others to decide what qualities were *scripted* at the democratic convention.
I took away from Obama the appeal to assemble folks who are moved by the notion 
*you carried me* and now I ask of you to *carry Hillary*.
The focus shifts to this other *mode* of assemblage appealing to a *creed* of (not yet) BUT (can be). This mode appeals to hope not despair and my hope is that *mode* has the greater resonance with voters

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