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[Xmca-l] Re: Identity through "experiential texts": Poems and WorksofArt??

Greg, and Rein,
Yes, I was referencing these 10 frames, and the transformative journeys into dissolutions (in contrast to dispossessions) of *self* and in the final frame to be in the *same* place but this place is radically altered.
Gesturing to perezhivanie there is a dialogue that may develop between the notion of no/thing (no essential *thing*) and the notion of *situation of development*.

Thank you for the links to explore differing ways of *interpreting* the 10 oxcart frames.

I also want to acknowledge Mike’s reference to Trump. 
Watching the Democratic Convention, they referenced Trump in relation to fascist *qualities*. This is not hyperbole.
Also thinking of Eric Fromm, and the Frankfurt School exploring the Authoritarian personality.

Zygmunt Bauman in conversation with Rein is exploring the radical alternative to the Authoritarian Personality.
 I would recommend reading the opening chapter (free on Kindle or Google Books).

The recognition that the history of modernity includes the history of the modern *self* with definite *qualities*.

A central aspect of the modern *self* is how this *self* is forming within  the volatile situation of dispossession. (capitalism breeds volatile dispossession)
This leads to what Zygmunt refers to as *liquid modernity* emerging from *solid or rigid modernity*.

I question, when does *dissolution* of *self*  as a virtue become *dispossession* of *self* (and place) leading to authoritarian dreams of control and building walls.

This election in the USA is a hinge moment and there is a significant difference between Donald and Hillary.

The slogan “ we must keep hope alive” is *true*

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From: Greg Thompson