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[Xmca-l] Re: Identity through "experiential texts": Poems and Worksof Art??

Sorry I hit send before I intended to...

--take two--

I kind of wonder if all fiction has in its realm an application for noting the experiential self.

Karen Finlay's writing might also be of your criteria, David Ki.

With regard to Finley:


"Ladies and gentlemen, there's a surprise substitute on the dessert cart this evening. Chocolate is no longer on the menu. Instead, it's gold, gleaming honey that is being served, by the gallon and on the skin. It is of course for external use only. And it will be worn, in a thorough scalp-to-toe coating, by your host, Karen Finley, the performance artist and specialist in the imaginative use of foodstuffs."

--Ben Brantlee, The New York Times


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