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[Xmca-l] Re: I just think it's great, more than great,


I don't believe discussing history has to be discussing politics, but it is interesting how they are intersect.

I agree with Mike that discussing politics on XMCA is a lousy idea. And he's right it's also lousy times.

My attempt was to discuss history, in case anyone cares to make a distinction. At least I attempted to possess some self-control not to discuss too deeply the body politic.

I hoped to discuss futures, and how we might be a part of that. We should be concerned about our futures and consider what we can do about all that on the ground. It's not just about picking a winning candidate, nor complaining about the choices printed on the ballet, but yeah, in a bourgeois society it's easy to want more choices than what's on a Starbucks beverage menu, or should I say less choices than on a Starbucks beverage menu?

Perhaps thinking about political processes as a menu choice is the problem.

Maybe we need to become citizens again.

Kind regards,