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[Xmca-l] IRECE special issue on perezhivanie and subjectivity

Hi all,

On behalf of the journal of International Research in Early Childhood
Education (IRECE), I’m pleased to announce the publication of our first
issue of the year, a special issue focusing on perezhivanie and
subjectivity, guest edited by Daniel Goulart and myself.

This issue grew out of symposia and conversations between research groups
within the Australia and Brazil ISCAR regions over the past three years,
led by Marilyn Fleer, Nikolai Veresov, and Fernando González Rey.

Access the issue here:


0. Mok & Goulart - Perezhivanie and subjectivity within a cultural-
historical approach: Dialogues between Australia and Brazil [Guest editors’
introduction to the special issue]

1. Michell - Finding the “prism”: Understanding Vygotsky’s perezhivanie as
an ontogenetic unit of child consciousness

2. Fleer - An everyday and theoretical reading of perezhivanie for
informing research in early childhood education

3. Davis & Dolan - Contagious learning: Drama, experience and perezhivanie

4. March & Fleer - Soperezhivanie: Dramatic events in fairy tales and play

5. Adams - Young expatriate children forming friendships: A
cultural-historical perspective

6. Babaeff - Perezhivanija discovered through narrative analysis: Emotive
and motivational foci in parent’s diverse heritage language and cultural
sustaining in Australia

7. Fleer, Adams, Gunstone, & Hao - Studying the landscape of families and
children’s emotional engagement in science across cultural contexts

8. González Rey & Mitjáns Martínez - Perezhivanie: Advancing on its
implications for the cultural-historical approach

9. Patiño & Goulart - Qualitative Epistemology: A scientific platform for
the study of subjectivity from a cultural-historical approach

10. Campolina & Mitjáns Martínez - The configuration of social subjectivity
in an innovative educational institution in Brazil

11. Bezerra & Costa - Subjectivity in education and health: Research notes
on school learning area and physical education in mental health

12. Coelho - Beyond perezhivanie, sense, and language: An empirical study
of early childhood teachers’ subjective senses

13. Mok - Commentary: Understanding and using perezhivanie and subjectivity