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[Xmca-l] Re: Appeal for help

Dear Andy. Coming from gender studies, the concepts of 'family honor,'
and/or 'culture of honor' come to mind where a person's identity
depends largely on family and culture.

On 05/07/2016, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:
> Comrade and friends, I need some help.
> I am setting about developing a new approach to virtue
> ethics. Virtues are everywhere taken to be deep-seated
> attributes of a person's character; my aim is to make the
> starting point instead from virtues defined as deep-seated
> attributes of a project, which you can take to mean "social
> context" or "system of activity" if you wish. I don't need
> advice about issues and problems of ethics, but it is in in
> the nature of virtue ethics that it always has strong
> implications for psychology as well as social theory, to the
> extent that I think I can make a great deal of progress by
> calling on psychological data.
> Can people point me to research(ers) about how a person's
> character changes with social context (e.g. home/work), any
> evidence of the well-known phenomenon in which a person
> promoted above the ability suffers a moral degeneration; any
> suitable and reliable data about the differing character
> (not just preferences or cognition, but virtues) of people
> from one culture or another? or similar information about
> changes in a person's character following their emigration
> to another country?
> URLs appreciated, or whole books, I don't have access to a
> university library or JSTOR.
> Thanks
> Andy
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