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This way of understanding how (perceiving) appears through signs that may come to pass from over the horizon.

I am going to give an example from the tradition of Monotheism which believes in prophets who carry or bring messages from what they notice appearing on the horizon.

Messages in the form of *alternatives. I am not focusing on theology but on the *pattern* perception.
My example is Erich Fromm who studied Judaic theism in his 20’s before joining the Frankfurt School and turning away from theism
BUT Continued the pattern perception of noticing what was appearing on the horizon and carrying *messages* of the *alternatives* which humanity must choose. 
His message of *radical humanism* as a secular response to what was appearing on *our* horizon and if we have ears to hear then we must *choose*.
It is how appearances on the horizon appear iconically through images, diagrams, and metaphors as *messages* WITHIN traditions.
My question is how deep are these patterns of secular messages embedded in earlier ethical  patterns of theism but now without a belief in God?

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From: Martin John Packer