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[Xmca-l] Re: Noumenal and Phenomenal

I want to pick up on Michael Glassman’s comment on *the internal constant  force*  (essence?) that may be different from *the external constant force*.
This notion of (internal) may or may not be a constant *force* but it does speak to a way that imagines place holder’s ( Kockelman’s term)
This internal force does not have to be imagined as occurring within an individual body, mind, or consciousness.
This internal force may be a relation (of) relations (Kockleman’s notion).

For example language and mind developing internally within dialogical meetings (place-holders) as contexts of meaning *potential* (as James Ma uses this term)  The sense of context as *scope* of context that can be narrower or wider, shallow or deeper.
However, always  in the sense I am articulating an *internal* place-holder which is *open* to meaning potential becoming a *force*

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From: Glassman, Michael