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[Xmca-l] Re: Vygotsky.Peirce.Mediation

To continue this thread. Greg, your question, why not the (index)?  is not this the *ur* sign (index) for Vygotsky.
James responds that this (secondness) -the index or Vygotsky ‘s ur sign will require deep reflection.

This seems an interesting probe implying Vygotsky amplifies secondess over Peirce’s firstness and thirdness.
In other words, could Peirce’s triadic structure expand vygotsky’s semiotic potential towards this more emcompassing *picture* in the “mind’s eye.
This last reference to forming a picture or an image in the mind’s eye  leads to another question. 
James, in his most recent article (Semiotizing the student perception of learning outcomes in British higher education) offers a way to consider or approach visual images. (does this mean both images created by sensory eye and also images created by the mind’s eye?).

James, on page 5 indicates visual images take the form of circumnavigation, roaming so far and wide AS to spiral outwards from the centre to the periphery and *simultaneously* inwards  *to* the center *from* the periphery. 
What James now adds is critical. 
This latter circumnavigational approach provides an abductive *capacity* for semiotic analysis that supplements a deductive capacity *inherent* in the deductive approach of interpreting verbal signs.
So... The *ur* sign (object sign of secondness) as deductive approach of Vygotsky can be expanded by Peirce’s abductive circumnavigational approach.
This approach SIMULTANEOUSLY navigates roaming  from the center *outward*towards the periphery AND navigating from the periphery *inwards* towards the center.
Now my question?
When Peirce focuses on the centrality of *vagueness* travelling towards clarity is the articulating this movement from the periphery (vagueness, ambivalence, murkiness, foggy, misty, fuzzy, perception) navigating *inward* towards clarity. This travelling inward is not merely an interior *within*.
When Mike, Alfred, and Arne *encountered* deep mutual meaning potentional they were navigating from the periphery towards a MUTUAL within that when experienced as mutually meaningful is an experience of a mutual travelling *deep within* dialogically.

This place (periphery) as vagueness seems a key point as *central point*.
And a central point navigated is a *point* travelled circumnavigationally.
The movement is from the center outwards AND simultaneoysly is abductively moving from the periphery towards the central *point*.
So... Stances, positions, points, centers are circumnavigational and *vagueness* is as foundational (going to the root) as clear ideas.
I hope this reflection adds to our circumnavigation of Vygotsky’s *ur* phenomena through Peirce.

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