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[Xmca-l] Re: Noumenal and Phenomenal

This thread is an eye opener in my mind’s eye.
James, your comment that the Russian you met describes  non-classical psychology  inverting what Western culture perceives as subjective, to become (emphasize this becoming) objective because you can study the manifestations within culture and history I read through a lens of hermeneutical travelling.
To bring in your way of articulating objects. 
For  Peirce the *objective* referent  (words, images, icons, indexes, symbols, etc) of  signs (being represented which is the representative character or aspect) comes into our phenomenal world (only one world but the adjective  phenomenal focusing attention on our one world’s  phenomenal character).

The central or key move is that this object (becoming visible) in non-classical psychology that can be studied objectively as it manifests into culture and history THROUGH interpretans (which means meaning potential).

So.... Non-classical psychology which turned from subjective idealism to non-classical objective study of *mind* visible within culture and history is not the complete image and word IF we leave the interpretan (meaning potential) invisible.

Semiosis (continuous cyclical sign *action*) posits representing aspect emerging (objectively) within culture and history *as* objective THROUGH THE INTERPRETANS aspect (meaning potential aspect which is hermeneutical)

All 3 aspects 
• Sign representamin
• Making visible objectively in culture and history
• THROUGH hermeneutical meaning potential/interpretans
Are necessary in semios (sign action).

James, your appeal to a synergy bringing together Vygotsky who travelled deductively and Peirce who travelled abductively to form an oscillating *fusion* of horizons which INCLUDES necessarily both deduction and abduction adds further clarity.

I hear a narrative ( bringing in Bruner’s person) of subjective idealism turning towards objective patterns of visible cultural and historical *mind* becoming  visible in our one mutual world, turning towards hermeneutical (meaning) potential that generates novel signs.
The invisible becoming visible through a transitional 3rd way. This transitional way through translation of sign action which as its radical root is meaning potential becoming objective and visible.
To study just objective phenomena, just the visible spectrum, is leaving out the way sign action *travels* though cycles hermeneutical meaning potential which is the radical source of cultural/historical objects.

James, I hope I am doing some justice to incorporating your ideas within my mind’s eye through the particular *way* I have read how you have invited a synergy of Vygotsky and Peirce.

It is reading through *persons* hermeneutically.

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