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[Xmca-l] iconic signs assist in *apprehending* subjectivities as a primer to *true meaning* and hence reaffirming a person's beliefs and values

I am wanting to bring to this learning community the article by James Ma that who is  exploring Peirce’s  concept of *word-image relation* within semiosis. Semiosis  is the means of sustaining an understanding of the *Object*.  Object, as I read this article refers to *true meaning*. Therefore semiosis as the sign-object *relation* can be read as the sign-true meaning *relation*. This relation is inclusive of the process-product *relation which implies process within product and product within process. 
This object=true meaning relation as a reasoning action is always an interpretation. James says that interpretation entails the notion that 
“all reasoning is an interpretation of signs of some kind”.
James is focusing on what is opaque in semiosis and clarifying [making clear] the interpretive work-image complementarity within this process-product relation. 
Images as iconic signs [resemblance/reference] have interpretive [ex/pository] properties that *assist* in *apprehending* person’s subjectivities. James links this apprehending subjectivities as being *a primer for* concept formation [true meaning].
The next step in James’s reasoning/interpreting is what seems to be central to his ex/position. 

If iconic signs assist in apprehending person’s subjectivities [as] a primer to true meaning [concept formation] this semiosis *reaffirms* the person’s *beliefs and values* of what is worthwhile *learning*.

This reasoning/interpreting [as my reading of page 4] of this article may be a misunderstanding or be opaque, BUT my intuition calls me to go *deeper* into what James focuses on as worthwhile learning.

Others may enjoy how Bruner’s narratology overlaps with James semiosis.

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