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[Xmca-l] Marriage

Not long ago the chat profiled marriage. I have forgotten the subject line, but I am pretty sure it was Andy who nailed it. Anyway, I remembered about that just this afternoon in puttering around the house, as Judy and I get ready for a trip from here in “Breaking Bad” territory: over to the California coast in San Luis Obispro... from whence north through San Franciso... inland to Sacramento and then up to southern Oregon for the wedding of my niece. Feeling good about the trip (we leave tomorrow!) but a little stressed as we get ready,  with the predictable little bumps in our marriage as we try to collaborate comfortably, smoothly and effectively so as to leave at a good time tomorrow, good being so that we are at least half-way to the coast before we stop for the night in some motel. I am pleased to say that we are doing better than in times past at this. It seems to me that this is due in some part to our allowing ourselves to compliment and complement each other. Something “mitsein” about our activity. I have come up with the following prediction:

Subjects engaged in an activity together are more creative and effective when engaged in mutually supportive language and action. 

I say “subjects” to encompass all sentient beings, but can imagine push back there. My own an hour from now. I like the semantic field suggested by creativity. All due respect to Vera and Andy, without pinning any blame for my little homily. Home? Get it?



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