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[Xmca-l] Pub pub / JODS

Dear Chatters,

Recently I discovered what appears to be an innovative new publishing platform created by MIT’s media lab that encourages dialogic communication (like this list) in a space that is open to anyone and free (unlike much of academic publishing).

I’d be interested to hear what people on this list think about the platform’s “three core experiments,” which are articulated here: http://pubpub.media.mit.edu/ <http://pubpub.media.mit.edu/>, and the affordances and ethos of the platform’s first journal presented (in form and content) in the inaugural essay entitled “Design and Science” by Joi Ito, available here: http://jods.mitpress.mit.edu <http://jods.mitpress.mit.edu/>.

I commented in the section of that essay entitled “Rethinking Academic Practice” (and you can too).

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