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[Xmca-l] Re: The manologue

Annalisa, this is a topic that has circled around several times here on xmca - and i'm pleased to see it appear again.

i've been a member of xmca for perhaps just over twenty years  -  and the first time that i remember the topic appeared was when a woman participant on the list described the men's activity of participation as, if i remember correctly, bull elephants mounting each other.

that provoked a huge uproar, close to flaming one another.

and Eva Ekeblad who lives in Sweden(i may have misspelled her last name) and a fellow from Boston did an analysis of female and male participation on xmca, and, again, if i remember correctly, pointed out that men wrote by far the most postings, as well as the longest and most immediate responses.  so that men dominated the list-serve with the swiftest, longest postings, along with the greatest number.  and it seemed to that the men who wrote the most postings also wrote more to each other, ignoring the more peripheral  participants.

i have my own ideas regarding why a few men regularly dominate xmca through multiple, long postings.  

i don't know if the list serve is up to analyzing our own behaviour.  or even if the topic is actually worth analysing.