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[Xmca-l] Fwd: The Day Without Adjuncts at Northeastern

Dear colleagues,

As a former adjunct professor for many years, I am very sensitive when it
comes to the faculty rights! There should be no double standards when it
comes to the rights, working conditions, pay, benefits, and status of the
faculty, anyway! Period.

Please, help the Northeastern University adjunct faculty get a fair


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Subject: The Day Without Adjuncts at Northeastern
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Dear Colleague,

My name is Haley Malm. I am an adjunct lecturer at Northeastern University.
And I'm going on strike next week.

For 16 months, my colleagues and I have been bargaining with Northeastern
for fair pay and better working conditions, only to be met with endless
stall tactics, and other disrespect for our work.
At Northeastern, that means treating adjuncts as marginal, disposable
employees to help minimize instructional costs.

*That's why January 19, one week from today, will be A Day Without Adjuncts
at Northeastern
-- if we don't have a contract by then.*

Students have stood by us for months, even taking dramatic action
to push the administration to act.

Now we need help from fellow faculty. Please send a message
to Northeastern President Joseph Aoun and Provost James Bean urging them to
show real leadership and reach an agreement that respects the work of
part-time faculty.

*I'm asking you to send a message to the Northeastern administration,
demanding that they reach a fair contract for adjunct faculty.*

*Why am I going on strike?*

   -     In the College of Professional Studies, where I teach, some
   adjunct faculty make as little as $2,259 per course. President Aoun makes
   more than that in a day.
   -     Rather than offer equitable health benefits to adjunct faculty who
   work full-time, Northeastern unilaterally implemented separate, more
   expensive coverage just for adjunct faculty, in violation of federal labor
   -     If Northeastern values me and my fellow adjunct faculty so little,
   we should let them try and run things without us for a day.
   -     Most importantly, our students deserve better. Our teaching
   conditions are their learning conditions, after all -- and this
   administration does not prioritize good working conditions for faculty.

Northeastern is one of the largest universities in Massachusetts, with a
billion-dollar operating budget and a millionaire president. It can easily
afford the cents on the dollar a fair contract would cost. And if we win
better working conditions here, it could influence working conditions at
your school, as well.

*Please take a moment to tell President Aoun and Provost Bean that it's
time to treat adjunct faculty fairly.

In gratitude and solidarity,

Haley Malm
Adjunct Lecturer, Northeastern University

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