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[Xmca-l] Re: Fwd: NYTimes.com: The ‘Benefits’ of Black Physics Students


What black students bring to physics class is...more black students. Both
synchronically (because they bring their boyfriends and girlfriends and
comrades and make it easier for black perfect strangers to stick it out)
and diachronically (because they grow up to be black physics professors and
the next thing you know you've got a whole row of black kids right in front
of the lecturn).

Somewhere in the back of their minds, that's what's really bothering their
honorships. The USA has never had any problems with Nazi physicists--when
we ran out of real Nazis (like Werner Von Braun) we just grew our own
(Edward Teller). Even Russians can fit in (Sagdeev). But too many black
physicists, and it becomes very difficult to carry out atrocities like
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Shortly after apartheid fell my father went to South Africa to watch a
comet hit Jupiter. The main black radio station had him on for an
interview; they thought some of their listeners would dig it (they
did). Maybe some day that will happen in really backward places, like
in the USA.

David Kellogg
Macquarie University

On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 8:15 PM, Dr. Paul C. Mocombe <
pmocombe@mocombeian.com> wrote:

> This article as inspiring as it maybe fails to answer chief justice
> roberts' question.  Middle class black America and "Hip hop" and it's
> practitioners do not offer an opposing metaphysical understanding of the
> universe that would make their participation in a physics class diverse.
> Unless you are a five percenter (sub group of the hip hop community who
> believe that humans are gods and only 5 percent of them are conscious of
> their true nature...includes people like ll cool j; jay-z; Kanye west) of
> the community who shares a marginalize view.
> I am in agreement with roberts as it pertains to the black american.
> Liberal black America's fight for equality of opportunity, recognition, and
> distribution makes justice roberts' question a fundamental one which they
> must attack head on!
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> Subject: NYTimes.com: The ‘Benefits’ of Black Physics Students
> From The New York Times:
> The ‘Benefits’ of Black Physics Students
> Black students’ responsibility in the classroom is not to serve as
> ‘seasoning’ to the academic soup.
> http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/17/opinion/the-benefits-of-black-physics-students.html?mwrsm=Email
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