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[Xmca-l] Re: Connecting and stability

Hi Larry,

I feel a connection to what you are saying, and it feels similar to my description about the Vedic concept of vritti, but your description is particular to communication of meaning through language between two people, the speaker and the listener. 

Once the vritti takes shape as something recognizable, it is as-if real in the mind, activating meaning, but this is not relegated to language.

In the way a cluster of circles might create an image of a flower, or a dart board depending upon their arrangement, these become recognizable images. Or a drawing of the duck-rabbit will be shift between one or the other in the mind, based upon the word.

The word and the image as provided by the vritti are informed by prior knowledge of a flower, a dart board, a duck or a rabbit, that were derived (in history) through the senses in some way.

Meaning can never be completely 1:1 identical from speaker to listener, as it depends upon the common experiences and concepts and how similar these concepts are between the speaker and the listener. Meaning (to me) doesn't travel from here to there, but is reflective. This can have an appearance of traveling. My meaning doesn't leave me as I write words that travel to you through the internet and meaning is constructed for you as you read them.

Understanding happens when the message is received as the message was intended. :)

Copy that?

Kind regards,