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[Xmca-l] Language and Communication Special Issue on Semiosis, Temporality, and Self-fashioning

Just a heads up that you can currently download the "in press" articles for
a special issue of Language and Communication that I co-edited with
Benjamin Smith at the following link:
The theme of the issue is: semiosis, temporality, and self-fashioning (or
as John Haviland referred to it more simply: "language, time, and self").
It was our attempt to take up the issues of language and self across what
Jay Lemke has termed "the scales of time."

Articles of particular interest for their concern with the language and the
"ontogenetic" or "developmental" timescale are: Benjamin Smith on the
development of masculinity through Aymara boys playing marbles; John
Haviland on the generational differences in self-hood among Z signers; and
Katherine Clonan-Roy, Stanton Wortham, and Briana Nichols on the
development of racializing stereotypes among Latino adolescents.

My article in it deals with the constitution of selves across interactional
time - including an example of "learning" across the timescale of an

You might also find some of the other articles that deal with the
historical timescale interesting. Michele Koven's article is particularly
interesting as it begins with a focus on the interactional scale but then
"jumps" scale - or rather, documents how speakers jump scale - to the
ontogenetic and historical timescales.

Folks may also find these articles on the "historical" timescale to be of
interest: Jonathan Rosa on raciolinguistic ideological imaginings of the
social tense of Latinos in the U.S. and Shunsuke Nozawa on Japanese

I'm not sure what happens when they assemble the articles and make it
official, so I wanted to send this out before that happens so that folks
could download any articles of interest before they get locked down.


Gregory A. Thompson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
880 Spencer W. Kimball Tower
Brigham Young University
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