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[Xmca-l] Re: Kant's Imagination

The key imaginary at work in kant's project was to validate the existence of  (transcendental categories). These are phenomena that exist prior to experience and history and these categories determine the forms of our understanding.
Piaget shared this imaginary.

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Hi esteemed others,

I would like to follow the practice Mike asked of us to separate topics out to new fibers as they arise, and Kant came up in a few different threads. Since I'm keen to understand more about Kant through reading and considering the discourse of all the eloquent members here, I am taking the initiative to start a new thread.

Would anyone like to explain (in easy language) why Kant is relevant to our discussion on imagination (and perhaps fantasy)?

I hope this post doesn't receive an audience of crickets, or even a long list of links to read tomes and tomes of philosophical treatise. I just hope to have a conversation about it.


Kind regards,