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[Xmca-l] Literature review of first-person studies of apprenticeship

Dear all,

Excuse me if this is question is a little off-topic, but knowing the
interests of those reading XMCA, I thought that others might also benefit
from this sort of thread.

I'm doing a PhD in which I will become an apprentice to study learning in a
community of practice/through LPP. There are quite a few other studies like
this, the most obvious being those in Michael Coy's 1989 book
'Apprenticeship', along with Trevor Marchand's 'Minaret Building...'
(2012), Eugene Cooper's 'Wood-carvers...' (1980), and others.

My problem now is that it is difficult to conduct a complete review of
studies like these because of the varied language that they use to describe
themselves. For example, some describe themselves as ethnography, others as
phenomenological inquiry; some describe apprenticeships, while others
research very loose communities of skilled practitioners. No combination of
search terms (I have tried "first-person", "apprenticeship",
"experiential", "ethnography" etc in various combinations) results in
convincingly comprehensive results - I am afraid I am missing large swathes
of literature.

My question is: Is anyone aware of recent edited collections of this type
of work, or resources (database thesaurus terms, perhaps?) that would help
in the search? I am also considering just 'crowd-sourcing' a list of
publications, a strategy that might be of use to others if the list were
made public.

Curious to hear your thoughts,


Tom Martin
Doctoral Candidate
Dept. of Education, Oxford University

 @MartinCommaTom <https://twitter.com/martincommatom>
 /MartinCommaTom <https://uk.linkedin.com/in/martincommatom>