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[Xmca-l] Fwd: Liliana Tolchinsky Introduces Cultura y Educacion: Culture and Education

These article, available today for free, should appeal to many of you.
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Subject: Liliana Tolchinsky Introduces Cultura y Educacion: Culture and
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*Cultura y Educación: Culture and Education*

Dear Colleague

These selected articles reflect *Cultura y Educación's* editorial scope.
Articles delve into the educational fact throughout the lifespan, from
nursery school through to university, in formal and informal settings. They
examine different teaching-learning approaches in a diversity of learning
areas and contents but special preference is given to studies that link
culture and education with language and literacy.

The articles also point at the possibility of publishing monographic issues
with a set of articles addressing the same topic; and, illustrate the
different types of articles that are accepted for publication: Research
reports that present empirical or educational intervention studies;
Teaching experiences, that discuss original educational activities duly
evaluated, Project descriptions that describe educational projects that
stand out for their innovative character and Position papers that argue for
a relevant matter from a given perspective and in comparison with other
perspectives on the same matter.

Access the articles for free today and we hope that you enjoy reading the
*Access the research*

Yours Sincerely,
Liliana Tolchinsky, Editor


*The Journal*

*Cultura y Educación* is a journal that delves into the educational fact as
a permanent cultural construction throughout the life span, in diverse
settings and through diverse teaching-learning mechanisms, linked to
diverse social human organizations.

The journal intends to closely relate theoretical and applied research, and
will place special value on theoretical-methodological consistency in
research and educational design processes.
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*Cultura y Educacion *is the journal of Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje

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