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[Xmca-l] Re: paper on models of addiction

Hi Greg,

Yes, the paper was attached to the first of this subject header. 

It's a good read. At the moment I'm not free to make a synopsis, though I could try later?

My reason for posting is again my interest in models of mind, but what I liked in it is Raikhel's observation of theory into practice, and those theories (he was on board with) seem to me to resonate a lot with CHAT. 

It also made me think of the paper we discussed last summer about the rehabilitation of that young woman who did the music video, and I'm sorry I can't recall the author at the moment. Please forgive me!

So not only is it the question "what is depression?" but also "what is addiction?"

And beneath all that, I might posit "What is self?" which Raikhel touched on too.

Kind regards,